TM94762-71 Love,Life,Hope,Care 10-14mmHG Ultra Soft Compression Socks REG/XL

Think Medical

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These colorful, Ultra Soft, compression socks provide excellent support for you at work, play or travel! They feature gradient compression that delivers controlled pressure from ankle to calf in order to promote better blood flow throughout the lower leg.  Wear them daily for lower leg support and enjoy the comfort of a non-restrictive band and built in arch support. Knee hi length.
    •    10-14mmHg gradient compression
    •    90% nylon, 8% lycra/elastic, 2% Lycra/Spandex
    •    Energize tired legs
    •    Reduce muscle strain and Relieve varicose vein discomfort
    •    Prevent swelling
    •    Non-Restrictive comfort top
    •    Built-in arch support
    •    Machine wash warm with like colors.  Do not bleach. Tumble dry.

Available in 2 sizes: Regular size Ladies Shoe Size 6-10 and XL Shoe size 10-12 (or larger calfs)