SIL-08 Kid/Youth/XS Adult Epilepsy and Seizures Silicone Bracelet Set


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Silicone Medical ID Bracelet set. Bracelets are 100% silicone rubber, hygienic, and will not create any allergic issues. The size is XS - 7" Best for A Kid/Youth/XS Adult. Not recommended for children under 3. If wrist is under 4" these may be loose and fall off.
Sold in a 2 pc set:

1 Bracelet states > MEDICAL ALERT! EPILEPSY and one Bracelet states > MEDICAL ALERT! SEIZURES.
Available in 3 color combinations: *Purple Epilepsy & Blue Seizures / *Royal Epilepsy & Red Seizures / *Royal Epilepsy & Black Seizures
Please look in shop if you are wanting all Epilepsy or all Seizures bracelets.

Fonts & Colors May vary from Image.