Beanie Sleeper Headwrap Built-In Contoured Sleep Mask

Beanie Sleeper

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Beanie Sleeper is a specially designed cotton head wrap with a built-in contoured sleep mask, a mesh inner lining to help you stay warm without overheating, and low fabric sides and back so you can be comfortable in any sleeping position.
Fits women 7 to 7 ⅞, Men Med & Large. 100% Cotton Fleece - Moisture wicking.
Beanie Sleeper is best for Sleep, Migraine Relief, Travel, Hospital stays, and to help people going through chemo treatment feel a little better.

* Flip up Blindfold-Extra layer for a near blackout experience
* Custom Designed For Comfort Low fabric sides or back for your comfort in all sleeping positions.
* Specially designed for your eyes - Built-in contoured sleep mask for pressure-free eye comfort.
* Mesh Inner Lining - Helps you stay warm without Overheating.

Available in 3 Colors.
No returns due to health reasons.