CN-107 Unisex Medical ID Stainless Small Classic Link Strand


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Unisex style that is perfect for a simple, classic look. Durable, stainless steel, small link medical ID bracelet strand that features stainless steel clasps on both ends. Slightly under .25" in width. 
Attach this bracelet to a medical ID tag. Tags are sold separate, or attach your own tag. Tag sizes vary - usually between 1.25" - 2" in length.
Please add the tags length to the strand to achieve your overall length. If your tag is 1.5" long attaching it to a 6" strand your total length will be 7.5".  Allow yourself some wiggle room and make sure total length is not your wrist size.

Available in 6 Sizes!
Strand Measures  5 inches   (youth/small adult)
Strand Measures  5.5 inches   (small adult)
Strand Measures  6 inches   (average adult)
Strand Measures  6.5 inches  (average-large adult)
Strand Measures  7 inches   (larger adult)
Strand Measures  7.5 inches (XL Adult)

Pre- engraved, customized, or blank medical ID tags are sold separate and are available in our store.