ALL-10551 AllerMates Multi Charm Food Allergy Silicone Bracelet


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Does your child have multiple food allergies or health concerns? Keep them safe by alerting caretakers with just one bracelet! Adorn this bright, fun bracelet with various medical alert charms depending on your child's health concerns or food allergies. Charms can be added, rearranged or removed so change the bracelet as his or her needs change!

To insert charm, position the charm/s horizontally and pull on the soft silicone. Enter the charm rivet into the keyhole. Once inserted, turn the charm so that it is in it's vertical position. The keyhole feature will keep the charm secure.

-Made of soft silicone.
-Fits most kids ages 3+ up
-Adjustable snap with 3 slots
-Fits up to 6 allergy or medical charms
-Includes peanut, nut, dairy, egg, wheat, & I carry an EpiPen charm.
-Waterproof, Bpa, Nickel, and Latex Free.

*Other charms available in our shop for individual purchase.